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{Specializing in Federal & Defense Contractor Jobs}

Do you work for the Department of Defense? Have you tried to write your own resume? Are you qualified for the jobs that you apply to, yet never receive a call for an interview? Partner with Intelligence Resumes to build a resume that is more competitive than other applicants. Based on a 2010 Washington Post report, there are over 854,000 people holding Top-Secret clearances and probably twice as many holding SECRET clearances. With the current DoD budget cuts and downsizing of military, government and contractor positions, don't you think it's time to re-think your strategy and partner with a Certified Resume Writer so that you can be more competition than other applicants?

Resume Writing

Work with Bruce one-on-one to ensure your resume is tailored and targeted specifically to the vacancy to which you are applying. Recruiters will only look at your resume for approximately 6 to 10 seconds. Make sure your resume immediately conveys that you are qualified for the job! Whether you already have a resume or need one built, Bruce can help! 

Interview Preparation

Receive one-on-one interview practice with Bruce. You only have approximately 45-60 minutes for an interview, so don't you think that you should prepare the best you can? Only those that are well prepared will find themselves receiving a call for the job they want. Have Bruce prepare you for your interview to ensure you are more qualified than other applicants.

Bruce Benedict
CI Special Agent
Major, US Army, Retired

Owner, Intelligence Resumes
Certified Professional Resume Writer Education Chair Board Member, NRWA



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